Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby's 2nd Christmas

The only thing I can think to start this with, is how different Christmas was, compared to what I thought it would be like. *Sigh*

When we listed our house for sale we knew we'd have to scale back on Christmas, probably wouldn't be able to put up our tree, etc. But when we sold and ended up with our closing scheduled for only five days after Christmas, my vision of what Christmas would be, really came shattering down.

It just didn't make sense to give Megan tons of presents that would have to be packed away and not seen again for almost four months. Instead, we only gave her three small gifts that she could take along with in the car. At least she had something to open on Christmas morning. On the empty living room floor, no tree in sight. :( She did get other presents from grandma and grandpa and her cousins that she got to open the night before, so it wasn't like she only got three little presents. But dang it, that isn't how I imagined her Second Christmas to be.

The first photos are from Christmas Eve. She loved looking at the tree. She would go up to it and touch it so gently. And that dress, so cute!

And Christmas morning.

Part of me is already looking forward to Christmas 2011. Putting up the tree and decorations and actually having presents under the tree. Megan will be 2.5 by then. She'll really be into the pretty lights and ornaments. Hopefully we can make it especially magic for her and us after the disappointing Christmas that we had in 2010.

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