Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Look Who's ONE!

How is it possible that our little baby girl is already a year old? We had her 1yr appointment and she is still a peanut. She is so active that she just burns everything she takes in. Here are her official 1yr stats. And yes, officially, still a peanut.
  • Height - 29 1/4" 50%
  • Weight - 17lbs 10oz 5%
  • Head size - 47cm 90%
She's been walking independently for several weeks now. It was like it was her mission in the weeks leading up to her birthday to be walking by the time she turned one. She did it! She's so little, it makes it especially cute to see her walk across the room or carrying something that looks almost as big as her! Her favorites are the large playground ball and the FP Cookie Jar that she got for her birthday. You just have to be thankful that the cookie jar isn't "real" or breakable.


carrie said...

That is the cutest stinking picture ever!

~Jess said...

Is it just me or did this post just pop up in my reader? lol

She is a cutie!